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About us

Welcome to Last Option Bed

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

Last Option Bed is proud to introduce the first purpose built inflatable air mattress specifically designed for the airline traveler.

Whether you're a backpacker, business traveler or just a occasional traveler don't let the hard cold airport floor be your last option to rest or get some sleep during that long layover or dreaded flight cancelation! While we certainly don't claim to be the inventor of the air mattress. We are proud to offer this product to consumers everywhere they are lightweight, TSA friendly, airline friendly and airport friendly. Our Last Option Bed is durable, reusable and compact.

Last Option Bed is a brand that brings new and innovative products to you. Built on the idea that the latest products should be accessible for all and not just limited to a few.

"I have been on hundreds of flights these last 15 years and more than once I found myself trying to find comfort on a Cold airport floor. Never again will this happen to me!"


Last Option Bed

Brian Weber